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Michael Jackson Pepsi Accident

Posted by integrityforamerica on July 15, 2009


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Obama leaves door open to Bush officials’ prosecution

Posted by integrityforamerica on April 21, 2009

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama on Tuesday left open the possibility of criminal prosecution for Bush administration officials who drew up the legal basis for interrogation techniques that many view as torture.

President Obama says any congressional investigation should be conducted in a bipartisan fashion.

President Obama says any congressional investigation should be conducted in a bipartisan fashion.

Obama said it will be up to Attorney General Eric Holder to decide whether or not to prosecute the former officials.

“With respect to those who formulated those legal decisions, I would say that is going to be more a decision for the attorney general within the parameter of various laws, and I don’t want to prejudge that,” Obama said during a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah at the White House.

“There’s a host of very complicated issues involved there. As a general deal, I think we should be looking forward and not backward.

So far I have supported the majority of Obama Administration policies. This is one policy I can not support. We can not under any circumstances start to prosecute military members officer or enlisted for following direct orders. The problem with this is very clear. If we go after these people who followed orders they where directly given by their superiors then we will have a military full of members who will question orders all the time.

In order to have and maintain control in the military we can not have members who are in fear of carrying out a direct order.

Please do not change course and prosecute members of the governement who followed orders. Prosecute those that issued the order from the top down, if they broke the law.

I am truly undecided as to how much real and legitimate information we recieved from these interrogations.

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McCain, Palin hint that Obama’s policies are ‘socialist’

Posted by integrityforamerica on October 21, 2008

(CNN) — Sen. John McCain stepped up his rhetoric against his Democratic rival on taxes in his weekly radio address Saturday, comparing his plan to “socialist” programs.

Sen. John McCain held a rally Saturday in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Sen. John McCain held a rally Saturday in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

The remarks were part of a theme McCain has used since the final presidential debate, but his most recent comments were the first time he used the word to describe Sen. Barack Obama.

In the radio address, McCain didn’t directly call Obama a socialist, but he let the now-famous Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher nearly do it for him.

“You see, [Obama] believes in redistributing wealth, not in policies that help us all make more of it. Joe, in his plainspoken way, said this sounded a lot like socialism,” McCain said Saturday.

What happen to America?

I am happy that this election has opened a new door in America, however we must ask ourselves where does this door lead?  There are so many real issues on the table but yet the campaign has come down to name calling and lies in order to win.  So what do we teach our children about politics and government.

How do you tell a child who find himself in school sports that the object is not to win but to enjoy the time and learn.  We are often told that making children competitive and giving them only the option to win is more harmful then helpful in the adolescent years.  So when they see what’s going on in this campaign how do we explain it.

We live in a great country, a country where we are suppose to be free and able to express our feelings, a country that has taken the lead role in spreading democracy around the world.  Yet we argue about elections in other countries and we can not even fairly conduct an election here in this country.

When John Mccain corrected a supporter at a rally a couple weeks ago when she called Barack Obama an Arab, well I thought that was admirable.  The one thing that I ask is simple.  When she called Obama an Arab John McCain answered her by saying no he is an honorable man, so I wonder when did being an Arab become a bad thing in America.

In my opinion this election has split America in multiple places, Arabs, Gays, and Islam to name a few have been words used to somehow describe anti-American.  We have to realize that the real issues in America need real solutions and because of the ignorance that has become so ramped in this election we have become so selfish not realizing that we are not only moving backwards but we are robbing our children of a prosperous future.

I don’t know who will win this election, I can only vote and support the candidate I believe in.   Everyday I read the blogs and all I see are racist comments and if a black man like me says I am voting for Obama every comment is the same.  I am only voting for Obama because he is black.  The truth is if Obama was white I would be voting for him.  I am voting because of the issues I am proud to be an American,  but because of this campaign I am sad for America.

Palin has launched a new line of attacks calling Obama a socialist.  I don’t think many people in this country feel that you should not have the right to earn wealth, but at the same time those who are wealthy should pay the same taxes as those who struggle day to day.  Obama is not an advocate for stopping wealth but he does want everyone to pay their share.  I wouldn’t mind paying more taxes since we demand so much from our government.  If I had a few million dollars I would pay more to help those who wanted to live the dream.  We should all have healthcare in this country.  Thats my opinion.

Real issues deserve real solutions and the attacks need to stop.  As a country we are going backwards and the real enemy of America is not the Arabs,  gays, blacks, pro choice, middle class or wealthy.  The real enemy of America or at least one of them is Osama Bin Laden.  Lets get focused!

by Donnell Nichols

Michelle Malkin on Obama and socialism We Want The Same But Obama Is A Socialist & I'm Not McCain, Palin hint that Obama's policies are 'socialist'

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Donnell Nichols

Posted by integrityforamerica on August 28, 2008

Please stay tuned as I am heading out on the road with the Obama Campaign. I will update my blog and let you know whats going on.

Donnell Nichols
Mobile Blog

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