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A wish

Posted by integrityforamerica on December 25, 2009

Its on this day that people all over the world wish for peace and happiness. People come together and ask that those less fortunate be given a chance, some help, some love. Somehow these values have escaped us as individuals. We pray for it on one day out of a year, but isn’t it Gods plan that we carry out what we ask for. Isn’t it up to us to help the hopeless and needy around the world. We have split everything around us into categories and we choose what we will do and whom we will help, when often its those we ignore who need our help the most.

I choose to believe when the world has come to an end, in the last days when the messiah comes. He shall come and walk amongst us as one of us. He will be of the most needy, he will be an average man, he will look like those who we choose not to see. When judgment comes he will not have known many of us because we never took the time to know him.

Donnell Nichols
Merry Christmas


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